Which way to go

Every day I’m walking this path- is it yours? Is it mine? Am I going the right way or off-roading? I know my love and faith for you is strong but I feel so lost and alone. I know you are with me as your love never fails but I forget that you are there and I try to do things my way. I’m forgetting to ask you your will, your way.

I’m saddened by the place that I’m in. All I see is disarray. I keep trenching forward knowing you are asking me to move and trust. But I find myself scared so much that it makes it hard to move. The air feels so thin up here, I can hardly breathe. Oh Lord, I ask you for your guidance, your strength. Let me see you Lord, I trust in you. I know you are there and will not fail. I need you God to come down and carry me for awhile, I am so very tired and I right now I just want to lean into you.

Sending All My Love!
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