Where have I been

Hello All!

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I have been dealing with so much lately and have not had much opportunity to write. This is probably the best time to be writing as it is life and well the journey that many of us embark on. There are so many struggles that we find ourselves in and so many ways to deal with these struggles.

Some of us turn to anger and take it out on others. Some turn to fear and spend much time crying. Others turn to planning and making lists in order to find a way out- maybe avoiding what really is going on. Which version are you?

I find myself to be a mix of all 3 but weighing strongly towards the lists or finding ways to focus my time on everything else. I have recently put myself back in real estate – I never really stopped it but recently made a big come back as I need to be home more and working outside of the home is not a great option. Real estate takes a lot of work and time away. Working part time until I launch this is actually taking more time away from everything than I wanted. I am considering finding a night job at this point.  But this is where I have been – a scheduled out day to its max and trying to balance everything else in life.

Sending All My Love!
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