What I learned from My Mom

My mom was amazing. Many saw her as mentally inept but she was the kindest person that you could ever meet. I didn’t realize how Jesus-like that my mom was until after she passed away. She fed everyone and I mean everyone. If you stepped foot into our house, you were eating. She would jump to her feet and get busy making something, if she didn’t already have a cake or pie sitting around waiting for you. Yes, you the stranger that she knew would visit eventually.

She would put on a pot of coffee right away because she would need to offer you a cup. My mom sincerely cared for everyone. She would always be making something to bring to every Church event. If you made her mad (trust me that took talent), she would forgive you quickly even looking pass her stubborn German ways.

It’s funny because she was stubborn. Many don’t put stubborn and kind together in the same sentence but my mom was definitely both. You would not get her to change her mind. If she believed it, it was true and no one was going to prove her different. She wouldn’t argue with you necessarily. But she knew what she believed, she’d state it then let you go on and on about what you believed and then maybe she would state it again.

So somethings that I see of her in me. I’m stubborn and not always in a good way though. But if I believe in something that will shine out more than anything out there. You will know what I believe. I am kind to everyone I meet. I don’t jump up to feed you, although if I have been busy baking, you can bet that you will be taking something home with you. I’m more like Mary when it comes to guests. I want to make sure that you are comfortable and that I enjoy your presence. Which trust me, my mom did enjoy when you visited too and would take some time to visit once the coffee and cake was in front of you. (she would prepare whole meals too, if you haven’t “eaten” anything)

Sending All My Love!
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