What diabetes means to me

Diabetes to me is a 12 year old girl losing so much weight that she looks sickly. It is that same girl who drinks so much water and peeing it out so quickly that, that is all she does. It is that same girl who then can longer eat because all it does is make her sick. A sore throat due to thrush and a yeast infection. Okay so none of these systems scream out to you diabetes but guess what, they are.

The night that we discovered how sick our girl really was, was the scariest night for me. I mean what the heck? Isn’t diabetes for overweight people? She is tiny- I don’t get it. Well the misconception that we are lead to believe about diabetes is not even fully true about Type 2 diabetes. This is the type of diabetes that they try to play out on TV. Yes, the Biggest Loser had a lot of type 2 diabetics but guess what sugar and weight is not the primary cause!

So back to the 12 year old girl that my daughter once was. Did you know that sugar can save a diabetics life? So how does a child get diabetes. Well, typically they are born with it but their pancreas is able to hang out for a while. Each kid is different on when it will decide that it doesn’t want to work right.  For my daughter, like a lot of diabetics, get it when puberty hits. Crazy, right? Can you believe that?

I cannot believe how much I learned in the hospital at that time and I am still learning 2.5 years later. There is a whole nother set of rules for when they have the normal sicknesses that fly around the school. So yea the stomach flu is tricky. A fever is another kind of tricky. We are talking highs and lows and doubling insulin or have Glucagon ready to go in case she continues to go low and cannot eat.

4 blood checks a day at minimum, which leads to 5 shots at a minimum each day. There is a day time shot for food and highs and a night time shot that helps her body to lower sugars throughout the whole day. A healthy number for a diabetic is not the same for everyone else. Everything changed that day. Oh and did I mention the fact that if she does a blood check/ shot, she really can’t eat – do another shot/ blood check for another 3 hours. But that all depends on the time of the day and how many checks she has already done.

So the next time you want to say sugar leads to diabetes. Take a moment to think of the diabetics who actually need it to live.

Lots of love to you and your families- hug your kids!

Sending All My Love!
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