The Drive-Through Difference 

Have you ever had your food or drink paid for in the drive through? It is pretty amazing isn’t it?

For me, I feel God talking to me in that moment. The first time, boy was I in a mood.  It was early morning and everything seemed to be going wrong that morning. My oldest she needed a ride to work and begged me to run to Caribou. So I did. She was going to pay for a coffee for me and I was still cranky. Suddenly we get to the window and they were like the guy in front of you paid for your drinks. My mouth dropped. I have thought about doing this so many times but I always forget when I go to pay.

Then, this past Saturday. My husband and I were in a hurry, running behind, as usual on the weekend. I had a lot of houses to show this day and lucky the first couple were for us so we were able to get caught up. I was stressing so much about the day and the decision that we were making. I will admit when I’m stressed like that I’m a bit snappy. Again, pull up to the window and they were like we will get those drinks out for you the couple in front of you paid for them.

Wow, I stopped dead in my tracks. That power when God says stop is truly amazing. Immediately, I went to him and said I’m sorry Lord, I know need to slow down and just trust you. This is an area, like so many others, that I am struggling in. We overbook ourselves, work two jobs, run here and there for the kids, for our parents, for everyone around us and many times, we forget to take a moment to praise Him, to listen to Him, to run for Him.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor. James 4:10

Sending All My Love!
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