Starting Over

This should be such a familiar concept by now. Get off track, gain weight, get out of habits, and then start over again. The will power it takes to start over each time is the hard time. You feel like why bother I’m just going to fail. I’ve always tried to keep my focus on health. At least that was what I told myself for the last 10 years. The 10 before that, I probably would have said it was for vanity reasons. The truth is, at least 1/2 the reason I wanted to work hard was for vanity reasons and honestly those don’t work for me anymore.

I had a recent scare in health, which there is no explanation for and I wouldn’t have thought it to be so major if I wouldn’t have gone into the ER. If I would have waited another day or 2, I probably would have gone through the same motions. Eat clean and I won’t have this episode again but then it would have been forgotten because I wouldn’t have had the unknown pancreatitis that appeared. My doctor believes that it truly was a gallstone that figured it’s way out without needing surgery. Fact is those come back especially if you don’t watch your diet and exercise. And I found out it is a balance between too much and too little.

Of course clean eating is a must. So here I am starting over again but with definitely a new goal in mind. And this time I can tell you, it is truly for my health. Where do I go from here? All I know is it will take one step at a time. Will be working on my Beach Body (stayed tuned- thinking about becoming a coach), starting over in my training for running (again more to come), and eating clean.

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