Social Media thought of the day or maybe the year really

I wrote the following a little over a year ago planning on blogging on it one day. Just stumbled across it again and thought wow, I think things could be worse. 

Wonder why we are so sad

Looking through my Facebook feed today, I saw such a mix of statuses. Some were positive but I am amazed by the amount of negativity I saw. Some was like some trying to stick up for themselves or trying to be funny. Like the one that said mother in law stop telling me how to raise my kids. I have one of yours and he’s a lot to fix. It’s like wow, appreciate your husband and father of your kids much. We look so heavily to be funny or vent that we forget how hurtful that can be. Have you thought to post about the amazing little things your spouse has down for you or your children? 

And then I see things like “F” those who don’t like me or what I did or something like that. It’s like okay so you did something somebody didn’t like, are you telling me that everything everyone else does you like? Because of not then should they tell you the same thing. Wow!

By the time you are done reading all of this then you see something horrible happen in the news and no wonder you walk away feeling hopeless or depressed. 

There is a story my dad likes to tell us about when he was little. His brother was at war and his mom who was a good 2 feet shorter than his dad would be 10 steps ahead of him when the walking to the movies. Only they didn’t go to see a show, they went to make sure they didn’t see his brothers or anyone else they knew’s name on the screen. Can you imagine a time with out hearing every bad thing that is happening in the world. A time where you would walk 10 blocks or more to hear something? I love technology and what it does for us. It keeps us up to date on our family and friends that we never see. We see pictures and all the happenings in their life. I miss a time where you would just drop in on a friend to see how they are doing. 

It just makes me sad to see so many unhappy people posting about things that obviously bothers them all the time. I will pray for all of you when prayers are needed and believe the power of social media for that but I believe it has taken so much away from us and affects us more each day. 

Sending All My Love!
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