Remaining Faithful

A little more than a year ago, I really started practicing my faith again. Not just going to Church occasionally and praying when needed. I started volunteering. This was my first step. I then opened my Bible and went to a Bible study that helped me to understand more of what I needed to do.

Life is eventful, it doesn’t go how we planned, it takes twists and turns and can lead to darkness. I have been struggling in my job for a long while now. It has stressed me out and pulled me away from my family, leaving me on edge. I applied for a few jobs over the last year. Many without any success, some with an interview, and a few that I really thought would be perfect but nothing happened.

About 2 months ago, I was really excited for this one job. I thought for sure I was going to get it. Again, nothing- this one I really think it was the money that I was asking for… But I did not give up hope throughout this time. I trusted that God had me in my job for a reason and the right job was right around the corner.

My husband and I decided to buy a house. You do not make a job change during this time or else it could mean a lot of paperwork and sometimes a denial… So I decided, I will give my job one final try. I would work my butt off to see if things changed and maybe discover why God has kept me here.

A few weeks ago, in pure frustration, I pulled out my phone and applied for this job in town. I’ve applied with this company before and never heard a peep. That was a few years ago. So, I applied for the job through Indeed fully thinking that I would not hear a thing. Not the case. I got an email within a couple of days from hr saying I’d like to do a 30-40 min phone interview. I thought wow that is long for a phone interview, probably will end up around 20 mins.

No, it was the full 40 mins and it was like talking to an old friend- okay about my previous jobs and my talents… and many other job related things so not really a conversation that I have with my friends but seriously it went so well. I was asked to come in the following Wed for a in person interview with 3 other people. Now this was awesome. I tell you, it was home. I walked in and from the moment, I walked through that door, it felt like this is where I belong. It wasn’t about trying to impress, although I did have to do that. It was home… I can’t explain it in any other way. They wanted me to start as soon as possible but settled for me putting in my 2 week notice. Which I couldn’t do right away anyway. New home closing was 1 week from that interview.

I truly believe God has a plan for our lives. If we are just patient and trust in Him, He will reveal it to us in His timing. Many times we will figure out why we have to wait. I know that this was lined up ever so perfectly for my life (as the next day after the interview, things went south at my current job and I decided that I would be done no matter what- I hadn’t got the official word from HR that I was moving forward until later that Thurs even though those I interviewed with very much hinted towards it). We closed on our new home last week and I start my new job next week.

Sending All My Love!
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