New year New you

Okay, so I’ve heard this phrase for years. People trying to get you to try their product, sign up for their class, or just get out there and change. I started my journey in March of 2016 but my fitness story goes back much further than that.

I’ve always been in okay shape- at one time in great shape. Then after having the twins, well really when they were two, I started going backwards. Crazy. We had a membership to the Y and I used a trainer there, I walked my kids to and from school every day (1 mile each way- just enough under to not get a bus to bring them), and I ate pretty healthy. But I was going up in weight, 5, then 10 pounds… What? didn’t make sense. My trainer tried to help me figure it out but nothing change. I quit. I couldn’t take it any more so I was done. Oh and yes a doc appt with nothing showing up in my tests.

A few years later and probably no 25-30 pounds heavier, I started struggling with depression. And because every time I went to the doc and told them it was my thyroid only to say no it isn’t, I just told the doc, I need something. Well she did test my thyroid again. And seriously it was only off by a .03- not kidding but the doc called me in and said oh your thyroid is really swollen, you need to go to get an u/s done. What I went from no, no, no to oh wow your thyroid is bad- the full panel showed it was off the charts bad in comparison to just the thyroid test. This started me with seeing an endocrinologist.

Yay, I thought a solution finally. Well this is a process and no not an instant change. So now a few years later yet, I had been frustrated trying many things. I started a new job in March 2015. Guess what, they have a free trainer twice a week. All you have to do is sign up for the gym in the building- $10 per year and no not kidding. I jumped on that train. But got to tell you, I was now about 40-45 pound over where I started at way back when I was working out regularly and nope I hadn’t done anything but walk recently.

So I started working out- man was this hard! He wanted me running- what- gross- oh how I hated running. And did I mention jumping jacks- jumping jacks are for kids and I hated them then. And then there was all this up and down and moving all around ugh. So I skipped, I came back, I skipped again. I hurt my back and used as an excuse to not go. My hip started bothering me, so done again. Then back to the gym, all over the course of that year. I did lose and then gain. I never really committed.

After the back and hip situation, I was starting to get frustrated with my body. I was getting frustrated with me. Going to the gym twice a week and going on a diet here and there was clearly not working. So I woke up. I decided that I was going to run. Did you hear that? Yes, run. Me, run. I’m crazy, what? I can’t run. That scares me. I see all these people running and man do they look great, seem healthy and happy. I have to make the change. Well these thoughts started in March 2016. My friend then posted all her races schedule for 2016.

Guess what, one was where I lived. Okay, Becky, you can do this- sign up. And I did. The race was in June and May is when I got serious. I was like okay 4 weeks to go and there is no way I can run this. 3.1 miles- omg, what am I to do. I told my friend how scared I was and she was like it’s okay, I do mine in about 40 mins and I don’t run the whole time. I was like okay, I can do this, it will be okay. Guess I did it and I did come in a little faster than her but she was nursing an injury. So proud of my 50 mins. I got the fire though from this. I needed to beat myself. I signed up for 7 more races. My last one was 4 miles and I finished it in 50 mins. Yay. I totally can run a 12 min mile now but only 1 mile, the others go slower but I am totally gaining ground.

Keep tuned to hear more about diet and what 2017 is to bring.

Sending All My Love!
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