New Beginnings

Every year, you hear it- this year IS going to be better. I am going to do this and that to make it better. I’m tired of the old and I want all new. Change needs to happen and here we are on a new year so that is our excuse to make it better today. So why was yesterday, a week ago or a month ago not the best day?

Well, it is a state of mind for sure. When we hear New Year, we instantly think new beginnings because of a new time frame. Our family devotional talked about New and what it means to people, today. God states that he will make us/ things new. Have you ever thought about that statement? It doesn’t say we need new things and he’ll give them to us. It says he will take and refresh what is already there.

Well, back to this new year. I have been doing a lot of thinking as the close of 2016 has been approaching, especially over the last week. At first my thoughts were similar to so many others (seems a lot of us hated 2016 because it didn’t seem to get better). But I ready a post that I did last year coming into the new year.

It had read that I was looking forward to 2016 because when I started 2015, I was determined to make it a better year fully knowing that I was going to lose my mom soon. Then 2015 sucked, like 2014 and 2013. hmmm see a pattern. Wow, new year does not mean an instant new life. That somehow the 5 deaths you experienced in one year, plus the diagnosis of diabetes for your child, then to lose your mom, and etc…. was suddenly going to go away, you will not have a new chapter that is completely fresh and new and your luck will just change.

Okay, that is sounding grim. I don’t mean to sound harsh but I came to the conclusion by reading this status that I have been focused on the wrong things. Sure, the years have been tough and maybe harder than many have to endure in a lifetime but I am stronger than anyone can ever know. I have superhero abilities, okay so supermom abilities since my beautiful girl’s life changed. I sense a change in her that she many times questions me on. I have worked with many kids helping them with their experiences with God and learning to maneuver though a tough age. I have helped friends with verses that helped me because I searched for answers myself when feeling like I had nothing. I may have felted that these last few years have been so filled with hurt and an endless cycle of keeping my guard up but in the end when truly looking back, I have become a new person because of this experience. And truly each year has brought a difference that I did not ask for or expect but one I would not change. So, yes we are upon another new year but I look forward to this one and all it’s challenges because in the end, I know that I will stay strong in my faith and God will show me his way through it all.

I wish each and everyone of you reading this a very blessed new year.


Sending All My Love!
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