More than One Type

What do I mean? Well did you know there is 3 types of Diabetes? Me either 3 years ago. I, like you probably, thought what I saw on tv was it. 1 type and it was for people who are overweight. I also had a concept that sugar was a contributing factor. Boy was a I wrong and it took finding out in the worse possible way.

As you know, if you read my blog this far, my at the time 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 12. It is a auto-immune disease that attacks the pancreas. (if you know anything about the thyroid, there is a type that does the same to that) When some has this, their body stops producing the insulin. Okay, so what is insulin- good question. It is a hormone produced in the body to break down glucose (yup that is sugar) from the food that you are eating and it helps to turn it into energy.

Okay, so where do you find Glucose- in our carbs. So if your body is no longer producing insulin- what happens to it. Well the glucose can no longer be transformed to energy and the body begins to run high with sugar. So your body being as smart as it is craves water but you can never get enough. If you are drinking that much water what happens? Yup, you got it you pee a lot. I mean like all the time- why? Your body is saying help me! I need to get rid of this stuff in my system. The energy goes down, your body produces a ton of yeast and it becomes sicker and sicker. This is why type 1 is also called insulin dependent.

So what is type 2? Well, this is typically the one that you see over-exposed on TV but not necessarily in the right light. The factors that you see can play into it, the diet, not exercising enough, and of course the overweight aspect but there are also hereditary factors. And it CaN be controlled through diet and exercise BuT sometimes that will not make the difference, as the person may still need meds to help control. It is one that is typically found in older people but there is a epidemic among younger people happening. This one is also know as insulin resistant.

Type 3 is not common and really more new in findings. It comes in people struggling with Alzheimer’s. This is where the resistance occurs in the brain and can develop in people who show no connection to diabetes prior.

There is also a form a diabetes that only happens when you are pregnant. And again usually controlled by diet.

Did you know that Type 1 cannot be controlled by diet? I mean a diet can help but I have seen a child that has not eaten 1 thing, in fact can be throwing up and their blood sugar still runs high. They need a minimum of 4 shots a day typically- usually the same for blood checks. One other fun fact and really this can be for any type but especially important in type one- they need to carry sugar with them everywhere. Sometimes their blood will run low in sugar for whatever reason and it can be deadly. If you ever see a diabetic acting like they are drunk or out of it enough that they really don’t make sense- give them a juice box or candy- get it in their system fast. I can a needle with me ready to inject sugar (Glucagon) in her system fast. If a diabetic passes out, that is not good and they need sugar now. On the flip side being high for too long can cause their body to start shutting down. Unfortunately, My girl was starting that process before we figured it out. Not terribly, but her potassium was 2.5 and needs to be above 3. This affects the heart. So much more to learn on it but this gives you an idea on why I think its important to understand.

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