Our dog went missing on Thursday night which brought on a lot of emotions and thoughts. First thing I did was take to facebook, which brought in a couple of responses. This lead me to crying and leaving work because one of the responses was that a neighbor thought she was hit by another car in front of them. I’ve only been in my job for four months and wow is what I can say. People dropped what they were doing to help me close up my desk and leave. Then a couple of people came straight to find me when they were done with my shift. They went around to the neighborhoods to see if anyone saw her.

In the meantime, my family searched the area that it was thought that she was hit. No sign of her. We had went through a neighbor’s yard to get to that area- someone that I had not met before. He jumped in his car to search. My son had been walking around trying to find her and several people started searching with him. Friends on facebook jumped in their cars to search. No sign of her anywhere.

I fell apart that evening. Yes, I missed her dearly- she is the happiest but scaredest dog I know- you know boxers, the moment that you walk into the room they are so happy to see you wiggling everything they have. She would have done anything to please her family. She got off her collar because she was afraid of the flags near the new homes. That made her bolt across the street which led to a whole new set of fears for her.
But I was also so worried for my kids- A because he was the one walking her, E- because she had a special bond with her, and K- because the bond was different (medical) but they also had a bond like no other. I was also so overwhelmed by the support that I experience from so many people including people I don’t know. I learned the power of facebook that night and if you want something to spread quickly- there is a way through facebook.

I went to bed late as I kept checking the doors, barely slept and officially got up at 4am. I went straight to the doors again to check for her- still not here. I paced around for the next two hours- during this time, E came to me and said she felt bad for not spending time with her lately because of school and activities. I was a mess with no sleep. Then, around 6- I knew I needed coffee and I forgot to get some to make. So I thought about going to our local coffee shop but this made me break. See, everytime I go there (and quite possibly too much), I bring our sweet girl. It is her favorite routine- go for a ride to get a treat! She wasn’t home to go and this killed me. I knew I needed sleep, so I fell asleep on the couch for an hour which led to K and I going out searching one more time.

In this time, I had so many people reach out to me on how they could help. I started to realize how focused that we as people get on the bad. There was a shooter, people are crazy, out to get you… This opened my eyes to the goodness out there. So many prayers have been received it is truly amazing.

My original post had 81 shares and 93 comments +plus all the comments that it got when I shared to swap and shop.
My lost dogs post got 455 shares (no I am not kidding- wow) and again many comments.
I took to the vet and rescue pages. another 100 shares. I’ve had several people reach out by messenger to help.
My husband who works out of town had several people that don’t live near here saw they saw my post on facebook (I’m not friends with them there)- it spread that far.

Just stop and think about how far this all went. We are talking about 700 possible shares and maybe more that I don’t even know about. hundreds of comments and so many that just jumped in a car to search. Amazing- God is powerful!

So I did get overwhelmed and consumed by this in the last few days. I wanted to find her and nothing else mattered. I forgot to let God control it. I’m not saying that I stop trying to look but I can’t let it control my life. So in Church yesterday, I was pretty depressed- Sunday School helped to take my mind of of everything for a moment. Then Church- wow- sometimes a sermon was meant for you. Discontentment. It leads to a spiral of negativity and so much worse. Contentment with God, leads to happiness. It is easy to go crazy when all you see is dark but letting go and letting God can work wonders. I trust that the Lord is moving- I mean the testimony is in the way the word has spread. So now I need to sit back and let Him work. While I continue to do His work that He has meant for me.

We miss our girl deeply and pray for a safe return. But we must now stop the bickering and depression in the house and trust that God is faithful. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you for all that have supported us. If you see her, you know what to do- call us- call the vet- or get someone very calm, very gentle with treats that will let her come to you. She is scared.

Sending All My Love!
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