Miracles Are Amazing

So, I have to tell you that I reached a point on Tuesday night that I was starting to feel like we’ve never find our doggy. She had been gone 12 days and no sightings that we could confirm. Since day 1, I knew God had a plan for me in all of this. I knew I needed to have my eyes wide open and I still believed this and believed He was good & faithful so my thoughts kept going to someone having her. That it was innocent, they just didn’t know better.

So why did I know God wanted me to listen up? I just really felt it all the way through me is the biggest answer but not only that, I kept feeling like I missed something that night. All the things added up and not in the good way so I knew that part didn’t come from the Lord, He only does good.  But it was always weird that my son that has never walked Hermione by himself, that I can remember, decided this was the day he was going to start. He went to grab her harness but it wouldn’t go on right so he decided that she’d be fine in her collar. He took a way on this walk that he normally does not go. The flags that spooked Hermione, spooked her more than usual (I brought her by them the day before and was able to get her through them). That she ran away from him all together since she is so incredibly close to her family. I mean this is a dog that I never have on her leash to go in our garage or in the front yard to go for a ride. She wants to go with us more that she never leaves the yard. So really nothing added up. The way she ran at first, she knew so she could have gotten home but must of ended up in the field and that got her confused. So many things that I couldn’t explain so I knew I needed to listen up.

At first, I thought God was wanting me to tell about the kindness of strangers (and I still do). Hundreds of people reached out to me, shared my post to facebook. I had put it on swap and shops & spread the word through so many sites that night. My posts had over 700-800 shares and add in the comments, it was truly amazing. People messaged me with thoughts and prayers, offering to search for her, and even one person offered their drone to look over anywhere I thought she could be. The problem is she went into hiding and I had no idea where she could be.

This brings us to Wednesday. Still frustrated that its been 13 days and no sightings, I thought about getting this boxer that looks like she came from her litter. My husband said no at first because he still thought she was coming home. I said when she comes, she will have her sister, well on this Wednesday, a new picture came out of the rescue and he was more willing. Something kept eating at me this day. I went to Target after work and as I was driving home, I decided to talk to my mom.

My mom is in Heaven and it had been a while since I had talked to her. I said, “mom, I know its been a while but I need a big favor- she’s been missing for a while now. Can you please talk to Jesus for me? Ask him to fill me with the Holy Spirit so I know what I need to do. I miss her so much and I cannot stand the unknown. Love you mom.”

I went home and K started the food I bought, while I searched on my phone for any sign of her. I kind of just stood there thinking what do I do from here waiting for E to text me to pick her up. K decided she was going with me and we told the hubby to watch the Chili while gone. We were preheating the oven for the breadsticks. I picked up E and we headed to Dollar Tree to pick up only a few things. The person from the retrievers had been texting me on some things that I could do for our dog but I was kind like I feel like I’ve done everything that I can. Then it came over, a text that read- hi i messaged you on facebook already wondering if you’ve found your dog yet? my friend is in sierra and found a boxer.

he said it had a white patch on its chest and looks like the dog on the post.

I started shaking like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t believe it, that was my dog in the picture. I said “OMG. that looks like her. Where???” At this time my girls walked up to me and they could read my face and said what’s wrong? I couldn’t hardly speak so I said look. And they were like that’s her, where is she, lets go get her. I was texting- how’s she look by this time because I was trying to remember what they retrievers lady told me to say if a sighting came over. I asked a few more questions, when, were they able to call her?

20 minutes ago, he went to get a neighbor, he tried to call her, she was shy… 20 minutes ago- did you see that? Shortly after the time, I “talked to mom”. Jesus is good. God is good. He sent this miracle. This young man had gone back and got her. She let him carry her to his house (she’s never let anyone outside of the family too close to her). The Lord did that. We went there and picked her up.

She is very skinny.(Taken Thursday after vet kept her overnight)

But she is okay. A little antibiotics and bandaging for her raw feet but she is okay. We will be nursing her back to health as far as she went 13 days without food and lost 17 pounds (best guess). But she is good. She knows her home, her family, her old routines. She is amazing.

God is Amazing! So now I believe my job is to spread the word of His miracle! I love Him so much and glad He chose me to testify. It is through Him that she was saved!

“The voice of the Lord echoes above the sea. The God of glory thunders. The Lord thunders above the mighty sea. The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is fully of majesty.”
Psalm 29: 3-4.

Sending All My Love!
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