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2016 was definitely an eye opening year for me in fitness. My trainer tests us every 3 months. This is on the 12 minute run (goal is a mile or under), how many push-ups can you do (all the way down, lift your arms up to show body on ground and then back up), and the 4-Site Body Fat Calculator (Jackson-Pollock Formula).

So, it was the October testing and I went up. I was beside myself. I ran 3-4 days a week, worked out with him twice a week, and ate okay (at least I thought I did).  He mentioned the Beyond Diet a few months back. I tried it a few weeks and yea I lost weight but I have a hard time cooking every night.

I was ready to quit again but I did talk to the trainer before I did and I am glad I did. Exercise is great. It is not the end all though. You need to eat right. You need to have protein throughout the day, everyday. You need to eat your veggies the same way. Beyond Diet teaches this and it is a tool. So I have learned how to maneuver with this tool and my lifestyle.

I just tested again- down 12 pounds, all measurements were good. I’m at the 12 min mile and do 30 pushups (this on I do need to work on though). Maybe a push-up challenge in the near future, who’s game? I will try to post some recipes that have become a regular because they are healthy and easy as we go as well.

stay tuned for my 2017 journey

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