KK’s recent diabetes scare

It’s been a couple weeks now since KK ended herself up back where we started a few years ago- a DKA status in the hospital. This is the hard thing with diabetes. It does not take a break no matter how much the person wants to. This was enough to wake her up to what she wants- which is the pump finally. She has been working hard to get this but this also means middle of the night checks by mom.

This is a tough one but it’s my daughter and I want the best for her. I have seen great improvements since she has been managing everything better. I have been stepping in more which when I was in the hospital with her and going through these pump classes, I realized that I should have been more involved than I have been. My question though is how do your force a 15 year old to do what she has to. The answer is by staying on her, watching her do it, offering to do some of the shots and make it okay. She has been pulling more and more away from me the last couple years and its been hard to fight every battle but all we every want for our children is for them to be healthy.

Sending All My Love!
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