Inauguration Afterthoughts

Each president has their challenges. They are not 100% liked by all. But each has been given a chance. Sure protests did come and a some were even shot. But this has totally amazed. They day the office switched hands, we are seeing mass riots. I can’t believe the links someone would be willing to go to make a point. Hurting, killing, fires, destruction- and All BeCAuSE you didn’t get YOUR way or you believe he is going to destroy everything. My question to you that riot is, what are you doing? Helping him to do it sooner? How much sense does it make to start destroying innocence? Things and people that didn’t do anything personally to you. Especially the police that are there to protect you. Yes, you from your own self. Some believe what you believe but their duty is to make sure violence does not happen. You do not destroy something and end up destroying your life. That you do not hurt yourself or others. That is what their job is and they believe in protecting people whether it is from themselves or others.

Today, what did we see. We saw how protesting should be.  Many women and men took to the streets to say that they will not take a step backwards. They stated their point ever so boldly, they walked through the streets. Their point was being made without having to harm others. People heard them everywhere. They were respected but the population and many understood their point.

It does seem early to start rampaging about things that haven’t proven to be an issue as of yet but I do understand the fear of a new president, especially one that has been so vocal about every belief he has. The thing is it takes a lot to change a law, to make a new one, or to enact anything. One person cannot do this on his own. Yes, he can push but only 1 issue at a time and there is always impeachment.

I’m not saying you have to love our president. Many have said that each of the last how many presidents were horrible? I’m just saying to respect. Each person is free to have their own opinion and yes you are free to speak it. Just respect others while doing so. Be someone worth looking up to with what you say and how your actions lead you. 

Sending All My Love!
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