In the box

I have never been one to fit well in the box. I have tried for several years to fit in to what people have convinced me is what I should do or be. And I never really fit well. Its funny looking back because I realized that I did a good job of making it looking like I fit in. I lived in the perfect house and worked my way up the corporate ladder. But it never felt right or worked well for me.

Tonight while talking to a friend, I felt like I was outside the box to her. Like my way of thinking wasn’t hers. I had to wonder if she thought I lost my way as I wanted to start my own business and not work for anyone. She said that I could work for the private sector after I said I don’t fit in the corporate world. I cut my hair in a different way and I am assuming she didn’t like it as she didn’t say a word about it. And we were on completely different wave lengths when we talked about things that I want to do in my future.

The thing is I feel like I am finally becoming me again. I feel like I don’t fit in the box and I do my own things. But it isn’t wrong. It is just different. I’m still the God fearing, love spreading person that I have always been. I just no longer want to be in the box that the world says I should be in. I feel a deep calling in my life to step out and do some things that are different and that is okay. I do not need to be like the crowd, in fact God challenges to step out and be different from the crowd.

I really needed this conversation tonight. As I have been stuck judging myself, where I am, and what I am doing. I now am proud to be who I am no matter if I am fitting into someone’s perfect box or not. It is about following your heart and if you are putting God first that is what matters. You cannot let someone else, no matter how close you are to the person, dictate your life. You need to be the person God created you to be.

Sending All My Love!
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