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I read this in my HRM book for my Managing class:
In order to help people experience sustained happiness, clinical psycologist Dr Timothy Sharp proposes the CHOOSE model of happiness. To develop and enhance your experience of happiness implement some of these steps:
C=Clarity (of goals, direction, and life purpose): Happy people set clear goals and determine clear and specific plans to ensure these goals become reality. So clarify your life plan now (because no one else will do it for you!) {{funny thing, I was thinking, no one else will set and achieve my goals after TBL the other night, I also realized that there is only One to please and that is God}}
H=Healthy living (activity and exercise, diet and nutrition, and sleep): Health forms a crucial part of the foundation to happiness. It is hard to be happy if you are literally sick and tired all the time. So do whatever you can to be healthy and you will also boost your chances of being happy.
O=Optimism (positive but realistic thinking): There is no doubt that happy people think about themselves, others, and the world differently. Among other things, they search for more positives. The good news is that this is something you can learn to do, so start practicing now.
O=Others (the key relationships in your life): Research strongly indicates that happy people have both more and better quality relationships. So make sure you devote time to developing and fostering your key relationships.
S=Strengths (your core qualities and attributes): Rather than spending all their time trying to fix their weaknesses, happy people spend more time identifying and utilizing their strengths. Find out what you are good at and do it as much as possible.
E=Enjoy the moment (live in, and appreciate the present): The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift- that is why they call it the present. Live in the moment and enjoy life more

Look closely at each of these categories. Do you see areas that you can change in your life to choose to be happy? I do believe in every situation we have a choice to laugh or cry (As Rachael Ray likes to reference her grandpa). My question to you is what choice do you want to make? It is good to cry every once in a while and let it all out but so often many cry when they should laugh and move on.

I’ve been working hard recently on these. Technically I started working on some about 2 years ago when I made the choice to be healthier. I struggle in this choice a lot more than I would like to admit but when I make my goals and vision what I want, it makes it a whole lot easier. I love setting goals but even more so I love achieving them.  After all one of my greatest strengths is Achiever.  You will learn more about that in a different blog. Now go out a choose your path- will it be happy?

Sending All My Love!
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