Friends and Change

I’ve had a friend come to me recently asking if they are too old for school. Another on facebook who is sick of all the nonsense and how people only see who they were. I’ve had several co-workers complain on how their job is stressful and how they feel they have no voice.

So I added a category on Change. Why? I have been working hard on my mindset change over the last few months. It started a few months ago with this great book that my trainer recommended. Little did he know at the time just how much I needed it- he was recommending it to everyone to help them with their fitness goals. It is called: The New Psycho-Cybernetics: A Mind Technology for Living Your Life without Limits bu Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy.

Okay so when I first read the title I was like, “hmmmm what? a book about computers- what does that have to do with mindset change…” Then you continue reading the title, it makes more sense but the thing that sold me was a quote that he had told me. Sorry guys; I can’t remember it but it sold me. I downloaded it to my audible and started listening right away.

Funny thing is some parts reminded me of what Jillian Michaels talks about in her book Unlimited, which I’ve ready probably 3 times now. Change is hard. The Psycho-Cybernetics one helped me to envision it more, though. See it’s all about the the theater in your mind- another book I’m reading. Different author that purchased the  at rights. I have now read at least 3 more books on Change and feel like maybe its time to blog on it a bit. Maybe, I could help a friend or two to envision their new life and set some awesome new goals.

Sending All My Love!
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