Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we were kids and we said I’m never going to grow up? Even when I’m an adult, I’m still not going to be strict, mean, or crabby like my parents. I’m going to be positive, loving, caring, looking forward to the next day. And then…….. You’re an adult and now the bills come, then you are a spouse, and guess what more bills..…. then you are a parent and your kids gets into everything and wants to do everything (just like that wonderful spirit that we once had) and of course our stress level just has increased so much with worry.

We worry about having a safe home, enough money to pay the bills, that everywhere our kids go is safe. We forgot that promise to just live and love and laugh. I was just thinking this because today’s reading was on optimism and it talked about how when we were kids, we were excited for everyday to come, that we left the fears and worries in our “Father’s Hands”. Remember trusting your parents to just take care of it all?????

We should all be doing this today too. We have an awesome Father who is in charge of it all and we so many times try to take that away from him. But just imagine our life if we let God take control and we could be excited for everyday and just love, laugh, and LIVE in our Father’s footsteps….. just a thought

Sending All My Love!
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