Running is emotional

Running is full of tears and I am not just talking the “fat girl running” image of tears. That does happen (and for you that don’t know what that is- it is the kid that was in the back getting teased for running so slow in gym class- the one that constantly got teased for their weight- the one that never felt good enough). But what I’m talking about is the tears that come for emotional build up.

Running is a release, you have no choice to let go when you run because you need to breathe, you need to move, and you don’t have time to concentrate on holding it all in. Yesterday was hard on me with my girl still missing. Today, I ran the path that we run together. Running certain ways at certain times reminded me of her training and I paused to let a tear come out.

Did you know it is healthier to pause in running? Get a heart monitor- one for running- the app will tell you your ideal heart range and then when you hit your max, you back off and walk to get it down to the low end. Helps to not stress your heart as much as straight running- plus you’ll find you get faster doing this and it will take your heart longer to hit that high end so you will have to run faster to get it there. This will help prepare for those distance runs where you will want a nice steady pace.

Anyway, I wanted to just say it is okay to cry while running. Run it out though. Take a moment, walk, and then gather yourself and run it all out of you. Stress will go down and you will feel great!

On my journey- I’ve had a great week. Monday- Power Yoga, Tuesday- Ran 2 miles, Wednesday- Yoga for the back (was a little stiff and sore from Tuesday), Today- ran 2 miles and did my pre and post yoga workout. Tomorrow will be runner’s yoga and then bigger runs for the weekend. Next week, I will try and reintro my weights again on my shorter run days.

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All signed up

Well, technically I haven’t signed up for the race itself but for the cause. I joined our team at Church and ready to run for World Vision! Very exciting and scary at the same time. I will be running my 2 miles this morning and meeting a friend for coffee after.

I developed a schedule over the next year to get me to 26 miles. I really need a treadmill or gym membership! Or I will be running in snow in rain to start. lol Say some prayers for me and my dedication. I will need to learn a lot about eating right for running. I can only imagine how much fuel I will need to store. 😉

Thank you all for your support.


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Say what?!

A couple Sundays ago, I was watching the TC Marathon app for my friend who decided to do a marathon this year. I saw her train all summer to get there. And thought I’d never do that. I’ve said never a million times. It’s crazy 26 miles who has the patience for that? Then in Church, I found out the missions leader was running too but not just because but for a cause. And next year she was bringing it to the church to join her. Suddenly I thought I want to do that. I didn’t say anything. I went home and napped. I checked in on my friends and said I can do this. I’m going to do it. So I’ve been mapping out my year of running to get to 26.2. Every time I say that number I’m like what the heck am I thinking!?!? I decided what better to keep up with this than to have you join me? So here I am starting my path to a marathon and by the way I’m turning 40 this year so that’s encouraging me a bit too. Lol

All my love,

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An Inspirational Run

As I do many times while running, I was thinking about a blog that I’m going to write. Today was going to be all about my journey recently and how today marked the day that I am starting my running journey again. I will get to that in a minute but I first have to talk about what happened at mile 1 today. I was in the midst of thinking about how would say yet again I will never run a marathon when my cardinal friend visited me out of no where and stronger came on at the same time, by Mandisa.

So let me tell you a little about my cardinal friend. He and his family started to visit our home shortly after mom passed and I knew she was with me. He has made an appearance several times when I’ve needed it. The last day we were moving out of our house, just 2 days ago. I let him know that he would need to come see us at the new house now. Every time I see him or smell the lilacs- I saw hi mom as I know she is with me.

So today, I’m thinking about how it’s been a month since I ran 3 miles and probably a month before that since running 4. I’ve ran a mile here and there but not well. We have been focusing so much on moving and cleaning and making the house perfect for the graduation party that I let everything go. (so glad for my Plexus supplements and business to help fill in the blanks during this time)

But I’ve been looking to the runs that I have or want to sign up for soon. I have a 10k at the end of next month. I’ve never ran that far before and I really want to sign up for a 15k in Sept- it’s at Jesse James days!!! So that means I need to get my focus back on. Then I was thinking about how my marathon runner friend said to me at the last race we both did, that I just need to focus myself on the distance not how far I run but how far I go. It is okay to walk just get yourself to the distance you want to go, the speed will come.

At that moment I was like I will never run a marathon, I do not want to run 26 miles ever. That will take me forever and it is just not for me. Seriously that was the very moment the cardinal came, I recognized the markings to know it was my friend. I thought to myself my angel is here cheering me on and stronger started playing and I’m like oh wow God is really trying to talk to me right now and tell me that I’m being made stronger. That whole song was my best run during the 3 miles that I ran.

That inspiration was amazing. The next 3 songs that I heard was about doing too much and rushing through life, which is partly why I haven’t blogged in a while so I will take heed and rest a bit more.

Ephesians 6: 10-11
10 Finally, let the Lord make you strong. Depend on his mighty power. 
11 Put on all of God’s armor. Then you can stand firm against the devil’s evil plans.
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I am a runner

Today I was out running and this happens frequently while running. I was thinking about how I need to get my speed down. How if I do not do this, how I can’t be considered a runner. My time is not good enough. Then I flash back to when I was that kid- kids made me believe I was fat and slow. I was not skinny but by no means when I look at my pictures do I see fat. But…

At that time I believed them. I was not athletic and I hated the mile run. I always came in as one of the last kids to finish.  This was torturous. I mean seriously it stressed me out. First because I knew that I couldn’t run it. Second, I knew that I would come in last and third because I knew that I would be teased.

So now back to me being a runner. I have worked hard to tell myself this.  Why? because I started to think you are a fake, you can’t do this. What are you thinking? You have a bad hip and back. This isn’t going to work out. You are still fat and you think you can run that? It is so hard to overcome the past and move on but guess what?

I have been running for 1 year. I started racing in June of last year and start practicing now. I walked part of my first race and it took me 50 minutes to complete, if not a little more. Today, I can do it under 40 and working on getting it under 36 mins. My first mile that I did today was 11:30! The wind psyched me out so my second mile had more walking and was tough, plus that is the part with the huge hill but I still ran that part. Yes, I powered through those thoughts.

I am strong and am capable. I AM a RuNnEr!

Sending All My Love!
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Do you Pro-biotic?

Let’s talk gut health… Doesn’t that Jamie Lee Curtis actress do the commercials on this? Oh yes, probiotics in that yogurt- do I really need that?

My question in reply is have you ever been told to eat more yogurt when you have a yeast infection? Yes, me too. I never knew why until I started learning all about gut health. I take a system of products that change the way your gut works which helps with a whole slew of issues. My husband has dealt with stomach issues for years. He’s been taking this product and was feeling so much better. He went off the product just because. We didn’t stop his order or anything, it was more about timing and busy days. The last 2 weeks, he’s been in pain and ready to go back to taking care of his gut.

Okay so let’s talk just probiotic. So what does it do? Well you know the antibiotics that you take? You know the ones when you are sick. They attack bacteria and really they aren’t picky as to what bacteria they hurt. There is healthy bacteria. I know, sounds like an oxymoron. but seriously there is and probiotics help to restore it.  I know so many people that say that they were prescribed and antibiotic and they got a yeast infection. Yes, that is a correlation.

When you start researching this topic, you will find a lot out about leaky guts- grossssss! But it is a real thing and when this is happening, guess what? You get sicker. Your body is full of toxins- again, can we say gross?! These yeast overgrowth is contributed to so many common things that people are sick with. Do some research, trust me, you will be glad you did. It is a part of my diet everyday. Also add some of the anti-fungal ingredients to your day, like garlic is awesome.

Feel free to reach out to find out what I use, I would be happy to help.

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Back to Yoga

I started Yoga back up and wow did that feel good. Not just because it was an awesome instructor. It was because I needed it. I didn’t realize how much so until the moment that I got in my car. It’s probably been a year since I last had a yoga session. I stepped into the class, thinking okay, I know I won’t be able to do everything but I know I can do this. I told myself from the beginning, it is okay if I have to go to child’s pose. The second time I was in child’s pose, the negativity tried to creep in and say look at you back on the floor again- you can’t do this what are you thinking. But then I told it sorry, I’m here for my health, I’m ready to build myself back to where I was. Some poses took more out of me and I didn’t always feel like I was getting the deep breathing in but oh my gosh, when I got into my car, did I feel good. I was happy, energetic, relaxed, and I realized that I was holding onto more stress than I knew. Sure I knew I’ve been really stressed lately but I thought that I had been letting it go. I did not realize until that moment that my body was hanging on and wow did it feel good to truly let it go. I will be back there next week for another hour building my way back to true relaxation and strength. Tell me about your fitness journey and if you have let anything go. How did you feel when you came back to it? If you haven’t gone back, what’s stopping you. Let’s jump these hurdles in life together.

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Back to the Gym

I took a few breaks recently. I think we all do this. My advise to you is to keep coming back.  What an amazing workout. The trainer had us doing 3 sets of 10 but each set was a heavier weight. What a soreness.  This is the type of workout that no matter how much you go, you still end up sore. But taking a break as long as I did led me to be much more sore than I have been in a very long time. Feels good though.

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Let’s Talk Food

2016 was definitely an eye opening year for me in fitness. My trainer tests us every 3 months. This is on the 12 minute run (goal is a mile or under), how many push-ups can you do (all the way down, lift your arms up to show body on ground and then back up), and the 4-Site Body Fat Calculator (Jackson-Pollock Formula).

So, it was the October testing and I went up. I was beside myself. I ran 3-4 days a week, worked out with him twice a week, and ate okay (at least I thought I did).  He mentioned the Beyond Diet a few months back. I tried it a few weeks and yea I lost weight but I have a hard time cooking every night.

I was ready to quit again but I did talk to the trainer before I did and I am glad I did. Exercise is great. It is not the end all though. You need to eat right. You need to have protein throughout the day, everyday. You need to eat your veggies the same way. Beyond Diet teaches this and it is a tool. So I have learned how to maneuver with this tool and my lifestyle.

I just tested again- down 12 pounds, all measurements were good. I’m at the 12 min mile and do 30 pushups (this on I do need to work on though). Maybe a push-up challenge in the near future, who’s game? I will try to post some recipes that have become a regular because they are healthy and easy as we go as well.

stay tuned for my 2017 journey

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New year New you

Okay, so I’ve heard this phrase for years. People trying to get you to try their product, sign up for their class, or just get out there and change. I started my journey in March of 2016 but my fitness story goes back much further than that.

I’ve always been in okay shape- at one time in great shape. Then after having the twins, well really when they were two, I started going backwards. Crazy. We had a membership to the Y and I used a trainer there, I walked my kids to and from school every day (1 mile each way- just enough under to not get a bus to bring them), and I ate pretty healthy. But I was going up in weight, 5, then 10 pounds… What? didn’t make sense. My trainer tried to help me figure it out but nothing change. I quit. I couldn’t take it any more so I was done. Oh and yes a doc appt with nothing showing up in my tests.

A few years later and probably no 25-30 pounds heavier, I started struggling with depression. And because every time I went to the doc and told them it was my thyroid only to say no it isn’t, I just told the doc, I need something. Well she did test my thyroid again. And seriously it was only off by a .03- not kidding but the doc called me in and said oh your thyroid is really swollen, you need to go to get an u/s done. What I went from no, no, no to oh wow your thyroid is bad- the full panel showed it was off the charts bad in comparison to just the thyroid test. This started me with seeing an endocrinologist.

Yay, I thought a solution finally. Well this is a process and no not an instant change. So now a few years later yet, I had been frustrated trying many things. I started a new job in March 2015. Guess what, they have a free trainer twice a week. All you have to do is sign up for the gym in the building- $10 per year and no not kidding. I jumped on that train. But got to tell you, I was now about 40-45 pound over where I started at way back when I was working out regularly and nope I hadn’t done anything but walk recently.

So I started working out- man was this hard! He wanted me running- what- gross- oh how I hated running. And did I mention jumping jacks- jumping jacks are for kids and I hated them then. And then there was all this up and down and moving all around ugh. So I skipped, I came back, I skipped again. I hurt my back and used as an excuse to not go. My hip started bothering me, so done again. Then back to the gym, all over the course of that year. I did lose and then gain. I never really committed.

After the back and hip situation, I was starting to get frustrated with my body. I was getting frustrated with me. Going to the gym twice a week and going on a diet here and there was clearly not working. So I woke up. I decided that I was going to run. Did you hear that? Yes, run. Me, run. I’m crazy, what? I can’t run. That scares me. I see all these people running and man do they look great, seem healthy and happy. I have to make the change. Well these thoughts started in March 2016. My friend then posted all her races schedule for 2016.

Guess what, one was where I lived. Okay, Becky, you can do this- sign up. And I did. The race was in June and May is when I got serious. I was like okay 4 weeks to go and there is no way I can run this. 3.1 miles- omg, what am I to do. I told my friend how scared I was and she was like it’s okay, I do mine in about 40 mins and I don’t run the whole time. I was like okay, I can do this, it will be okay. Guess I did it and I did come in a little faster than her but she was nursing an injury. So proud of my 50 mins. I got the fire though from this. I needed to beat myself. I signed up for 7 more races. My last one was 4 miles and I finished it in 50 mins. Yay. I totally can run a 12 min mile now but only 1 mile, the others go slower but I am totally gaining ground.

Keep tuned to hear more about diet and what 2017 is to bring.

Sending All My Love!
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