Miracles Are Amazing

So, I have to tell you that I reached a point on Tuesday night that I was starting to feel like we’ve never find our doggy. She had been gone 12 days and no sightings that we could confirm. Since day 1, I knew God had a plan for me in all of this. I knew I needed to have my eyes wide open and I still believed this and believed He was good & faithful so my thoughts kept going to someone having her. That it was innocent, they just didn’t know better.

So why did I know God wanted me to listen up? I just really felt it all the way through me is the biggest answer but not only that, I kept feeling like I missed something that night. All the things added up and not in the good way so I knew that part didn’t come from the Lord, He only does good.  But it was always weird that my son that has never walked Hermione by himself, that I can remember, decided this was the day he was going to start. He went to grab her harness but it wouldn’t go on right so he decided that she’d be fine in her collar. He took a way on this walk that he normally does not go. The flags that spooked Hermione, spooked her more than usual (I brought her by them the day before and was able to get her through them). That she ran away from him all together since she is so incredibly close to her family. I mean this is a dog that I never have on her leash to go in our garage or in the front yard to go for a ride. She wants to go with us more that she never leaves the yard. So really nothing added up. The way she ran at first, she knew so she could have gotten home but must of ended up in the field and that got her confused. So many things that I couldn’t explain so I knew I needed to listen up.

At first, I thought God was wanting me to tell about the kindness of strangers (and I still do). Hundreds of people reached out to me, shared my post to facebook. I had put it on swap and shops & spread the word through so many sites that night. My posts had over 700-800 shares and add in the comments, it was truly amazing. People messaged me with thoughts and prayers, offering to search for her, and even one person offered their drone to look over anywhere I thought she could be. The problem is she went into hiding and I had no idea where she could be.

This brings us to Wednesday. Still frustrated that its been 13 days and no sightings, I thought about getting this boxer that looks like she came from her litter. My husband said no at first because he still thought she was coming home. I said when she comes, she will have her sister, well on this Wednesday, a new picture came out of the rescue and he was more willing. Something kept eating at me this day. I went to Target after work and as I was driving home, I decided to talk to my mom.

My mom is in Heaven and it had been a while since I had talked to her. I said, “mom, I know its been a while but I need a big favor- she’s been missing for a while now. Can you please talk to Jesus for me? Ask him to fill me with the Holy Spirit so I know what I need to do. I miss her so much and I cannot stand the unknown. Love you mom.”

I went home and K started the food I bought, while I searched on my phone for any sign of her. I kind of just stood there thinking what do I do from here waiting for E to text me to pick her up. K decided she was going with me and we told the hubby to watch the Chili while gone. We were preheating the oven for the breadsticks. I picked up E and we headed to Dollar Tree to pick up only a few things. The person from the retrievers had been texting me on some things that I could do for our dog but I was kind like I feel like I’ve done everything that I can. Then it came over, a text that read- hi i messaged you on facebook already wondering if you’ve found your dog yet? my friend is in sierra and found a boxer.

he said it had a white patch on its chest and looks like the dog on the post.

I started shaking like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t believe it, that was my dog in the picture. I said “OMG. that looks like her. Where???” At this time my girls walked up to me and they could read my face and said what’s wrong? I couldn’t hardly speak so I said look. And they were like that’s her, where is she, lets go get her. I was texting- how’s she look by this time because I was trying to remember what they retrievers lady told me to say if a sighting came over. I asked a few more questions, when, were they able to call her?

20 minutes ago, he went to get a neighbor, he tried to call her, she was shy… 20 minutes ago- did you see that? Shortly after the time, I “talked to mom”. Jesus is good. God is good. He sent this miracle. This young man had gone back and got her. She let him carry her to his house (she’s never let anyone outside of the family too close to her). The Lord did that. We went there and picked her up.

She is very skinny.(Taken Thursday after vet kept her overnight)

But she is okay. A little antibiotics and bandaging for her raw feet but she is okay. We will be nursing her back to health as far as she went 13 days without food and lost 17 pounds (best guess). But she is good. She knows her home, her family, her old routines. She is amazing.

God is Amazing! So now I believe my job is to spread the word of His miracle! I love Him so much and glad He chose me to testify. It is through Him that she was saved!

“The voice of the Lord echoes above the sea. The God of glory thunders. The Lord thunders above the mighty sea. The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is fully of majesty.”
Psalm 29: 3-4.

Sending All My Love!
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Running is emotional

Running is full of tears and I am not just talking the “fat girl running” image of tears. That does happen (and for you that don’t know what that is- it is the kid that was in the back getting teased for running so slow in gym class- the one that constantly got teased for their weight- the one that never felt good enough). But what I’m talking about is the tears that come for emotional build up.

Running is a release, you have no choice to let go when you run because you need to breathe, you need to move, and you don’t have time to concentrate on holding it all in. Yesterday was hard on me with my girl still missing. Today, I ran the path that we run together. Running certain ways at certain times reminded me of her training and I paused to let a tear come out.

Did you know it is healthier to pause in running? Get a heart monitor- one for running- the app will tell you your ideal heart range and then when you hit your max, you back off and walk to get it down to the low end. Helps to not stress your heart as much as straight running- plus you’ll find you get faster doing this and it will take your heart longer to hit that high end so you will have to run faster to get it there. This will help prepare for those distance runs where you will want a nice steady pace.

Anyway, I wanted to just say it is okay to cry while running. Run it out though. Take a moment, walk, and then gather yourself and run it all out of you. Stress will go down and you will feel great!

On my journey- I’ve had a great week. Monday- Power Yoga, Tuesday- Ran 2 miles, Wednesday- Yoga for the back (was a little stiff and sore from Tuesday), Today- ran 2 miles and did my pre and post yoga workout. Tomorrow will be runner’s yoga and then bigger runs for the weekend. Next week, I will try and reintro my weights again on my shorter run days.

Sending All My Love!
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All signed up

Well, technically I haven’t signed up for the race itself but for the cause. I joined our team at Church and ready to run for World Vision! Very exciting and scary at the same time. I will be running my 2 miles this morning and meeting a friend for coffee after.

I developed a schedule over the next year to get me to 26 miles. I really need a treadmill or gym membership! Or I will be running in snow in rain to start. lol Say some prayers for me and my dedication. I will need to learn a lot about eating right for running. I can only imagine how much fuel I will need to store. 😉

Thank you all for your support.


Sending All My Love!
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Our dog went missing on Thursday night which brought on a lot of emotions and thoughts. First thing I did was take to facebook, which brought in a couple of responses. This lead me to crying and leaving work because one of the responses was that a neighbor thought she was hit by another car in front of them. I’ve only been in my job for four months and wow is what I can say. People dropped what they were doing to help me close up my desk and leave. Then a couple of people came straight to find me when they were done with my shift. They went around to the neighborhoods to see if anyone saw her.

In the meantime, my family searched the area that it was thought that she was hit. No sign of her. We had went through a neighbor’s yard to get to that area- someone that I had not met before. He jumped in his car to search. My son had been walking around trying to find her and several people started searching with him. Friends on facebook jumped in their cars to search. No sign of her anywhere.

I fell apart that evening. Yes, I missed her dearly- she is the happiest but scaredest dog I know- you know boxers, the moment that you walk into the room they are so happy to see you wiggling everything they have. She would have done anything to please her family. She got off her collar because she was afraid of the flags near the new homes. That made her bolt across the street which led to a whole new set of fears for her.
But I was also so worried for my kids- A because he was the one walking her, E- because she had a special bond with her, and K- because the bond was different (medical) but they also had a bond like no other. I was also so overwhelmed by the support that I experience from so many people including people I don’t know. I learned the power of facebook that night and if you want something to spread quickly- there is a way through facebook.

I went to bed late as I kept checking the doors, barely slept and officially got up at 4am. I went straight to the doors again to check for her- still not here. I paced around for the next two hours- during this time, E came to me and said she felt bad for not spending time with her lately because of school and activities. I was a mess with no sleep. Then, around 6- I knew I needed coffee and I forgot to get some to make. So I thought about going to our local coffee shop but this made me break. See, everytime I go there (and quite possibly too much), I bring our sweet girl. It is her favorite routine- go for a ride to get a treat! She wasn’t home to go and this killed me. I knew I needed sleep, so I fell asleep on the couch for an hour which led to K and I going out searching one more time.

In this time, I had so many people reach out to me on how they could help. I started to realize how focused that we as people get on the bad. There was a shooter, people are crazy, out to get you… This opened my eyes to the goodness out there. So many prayers have been received it is truly amazing.

My original post had 81 shares and 93 comments +plus all the comments that it got when I shared to swap and shop.
My lost dogs post got 455 shares (no I am not kidding- wow) and again many comments.
I took to the vet and rescue pages. another 100 shares. I’ve had several people reach out by messenger to help.
My husband who works out of town had several people that don’t live near here saw they saw my post on facebook (I’m not friends with them there)- it spread that far.

Just stop and think about how far this all went. We are talking about 700 possible shares and maybe more that I don’t even know about. hundreds of comments and so many that just jumped in a car to search. Amazing- God is powerful!

So I did get overwhelmed and consumed by this in the last few days. I wanted to find her and nothing else mattered. I forgot to let God control it. I’m not saying that I stop trying to look but I can’t let it control my life. So in Church yesterday, I was pretty depressed- Sunday School helped to take my mind of of everything for a moment. Then Church- wow- sometimes a sermon was meant for you. Discontentment. It leads to a spiral of negativity and so much worse. Contentment with God, leads to happiness. It is easy to go crazy when all you see is dark but letting go and letting God can work wonders. I trust that the Lord is moving- I mean the testimony is in the way the word has spread. So now I need to sit back and let Him work. While I continue to do His work that He has meant for me.

We miss our girl deeply and pray for a safe return. But we must now stop the bickering and depression in the house and trust that God is faithful. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you for all that have supported us. If you see her, you know what to do- call us- call the vet- or get someone very calm, very gentle with treats that will let her come to you. She is scared.

Sending All My Love!
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The Ten Commandments

Why does it feel so hard in today’s world to follow these. I feel like the last 5 are easy- the first 5 are the hardest. For some, I know it will be different. The last ones- okay do not murder- easy enough, I have no desire to do this and it’s the law. Don’t steal- no need for this either- now I will admit sometimes I am faced with that dilemma of the checkout clerk forgetting to scan something (the water on the bottom of the cart right before their shift is over and they are trying to hurry) and do I go back into the store after unpacking the cart in the car to pay or not. It is laziness not to and technically stealing. Or lying- which is the next one. This one can be tough at time and what about omitting the truth- is that a lie? So I do struggle a bit with that piece of it- does everyone need to know everything? I think not but who am I to judge- pray on it and whatever the Holy Spirit tells you is the answer. Okay and the last one can be tricky too but not in the way that I think it was intended but maybe I am wrong. So do not want your neighbors things. So I don’t want their stuff literally but they may have a deck that I could see looking great on my house so I may work hard to earn and buy it. But I would never want something to the point of stealing it or anything or that sorts, which is they way that I see this commandment being.

Now on to what I see are the tougher ones. Honor God- okay seems easy but here’s the thing, I don’t put him first in everything I do. I make my own decisions without asking God first if it is right and often times, I find myself hating whatever I thought was good at the time. Do not take the Lord’s name in vain- wow how this one has became a regular thing to do in our society. It is tough when in anger or frustration not to call out God D… it or whatever way you use it – God Bless America is one I used to hear out of one person’s mouth. Do not make idols- now I do not take gold and make it into something to worship but we all do this with famous people or even with something as simple as our home. We put a lot of energy into whatever the item is (sports, money, concert, TVs, yardwork- cleaning) and take away our time with God. These things take His place so they do become idols in that way.

The Sabbath- this is one I’ve been studying greatly as of recently as I will be leading a Bible study in it in just a couple weeks. How hard is it to rest???? Did you know that margin is needed in our lives? We, as women blame Eve for taking the apple and making us miserable. But truth be told, we can’t handle margin either. God made a margin by saying they could not touch the tree, just as He has set the Sabbath aside for us. When is the last time you rested with the Lord?


Sending All My Love!
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Say what?!

A couple Sundays ago, I was watching the TC Marathon app for my friend who decided to do a marathon this year. I saw her train all summer to get there. And thought I’d never do that. I’ve said never a million times. It’s crazy 26 miles who has the patience for that? Then in Church, I found out the missions leader was running too but not just because but for a cause. And next year she was bringing it to the church to join her. Suddenly I thought I want to do that. I didn’t say anything. I went home and napped. I checked in on my friends and said I can do this. I’m going to do it. So I’ve been mapping out my year of running to get to 26.2. Every time I say that number I’m like what the heck am I thinking!?!? I decided what better to keep up with this than to have you join me? So here I am starting my path to a marathon and by the way I’m turning 40 this year so that’s encouraging me a bit too. Lol

All my love,

Sending All My Love!
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KK’s recent diabetes scare

It’s been a couple weeks now since KK ended herself up back where we started a few years ago- a DKA status in the hospital. This is the hard thing with diabetes. It does not take a break no matter how much the person wants to. This was enough to wake her up to what she wants- which is the pump finally. She has been working hard to get this but this also means middle of the night checks by mom.

This is a tough one but it’s my daughter and I want the best for her. I have seen great improvements since she has been managing everything better. I have been stepping in more which when I was in the hospital with her and going through these pump classes, I realized that I should have been more involved than I have been. My question though is how do your force a 15 year old to do what she has to. The answer is by staying on her, watching her do it, offering to do some of the shots and make it okay. She has been pulling more and more away from me the last couple years and its been hard to fight every battle but all we every want for our children is for them to be healthy.

Sending All My Love!
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Where have I been

Hello All!

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I have been dealing with so much lately and have not had much opportunity to write. This is probably the best time to be writing as it is life and well the journey that many of us embark on. There are so many struggles that we find ourselves in and so many ways to deal with these struggles.

Some of us turn to anger and take it out on others. Some turn to fear and spend much time crying. Others turn to planning and making lists in order to find a way out- maybe avoiding what really is going on. Which version are you?

I find myself to be a mix of all 3 but weighing strongly towards the lists or finding ways to focus my time on everything else. I have recently put myself back in real estate – I never really stopped it but recently made a big come back as I need to be home more and working outside of the home is not a great option. Real estate takes a lot of work and time away. Working part time until I launch this is actually taking more time away from everything than I wanted. I am considering finding a night job at this point.  But this is where I have been – a scheduled out day to its max and trying to balance everything else in life.

Sending All My Love!
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Inspiration Comes from Anywhere

This morning has been an interesting morning to say the least. God is so powerful that he like to let you know what He wants from you and it is usually a pretty Bold (I hate the word sign) vision. This is the first Monday of the new month. Every month, I write my goals for Plexus in my planner, my affirmations for the month, maybe a Bible verse and so on. Every week, I do a Bible verse to start my week and then try to plan out the entire week to make sure that I’m active in my journey. I try to remember the time of rest, which as you know it is hard and I still need to finish that study.

In discussions with my husband this weekend, I set myself up for some lofty goals. I talked to him about how I would like to use my real estate business to pay off our second mortgage by the end of the year and if I do that I go full time in that and become a yoga instructor. Well, of course, I would write too. So this morning, I started it in the Bible which I try to do every day. I read all about Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah. Then I went on to read whatever verse was on the page and on to my verse of the day in my phone. It’s funny how it all related. See I was reading the profiles of the ladies after reading the book of Ruth a few days ago.

The page next to Ruth ended up talking about her son, who is the grandfather of David, who wrote many of the Psalms, which is where I ended with my inspiration verse. I then, went to my monthly goals, visions, affirmations and as I was going I felt the Lord giving me these things freely. Telling me what I need to do. It is so scary. I left this blog post open last night after seeing a post on fb from her mom.

So while I was writing freely, I started thinking about the books I started and the things that I was doing now. An idea came to me for a book that has been in the works my whole life. I mean total excitement in this book that I knew I needed to write but struggled with it. I needed to get on my computer immediately and make sure I transfer my books into word out of the app I was using (just didn’t organize well) and make sure to get my idea down.

This blog was there, so I minimized it so I could quickly work on the moving of the books, yes I have 4 or 5 that I’ve started. Once I was done, I went to read it. It is about a young lady who has found herself choosing safe instead of what God calls her to do and is making a change. Beautifully written but it spoke to me on my decision for my path. But it’s funny how it relates to my Bible study of the morning. See, Orpah took the path of least resistance, we don’t know much of her story but we know Ruth, who remained faithful- had the best story. As she was a great-grandmother to Christ. She did not do what was easy but what was right and what God called her to do. She worked hard and reaped so many rewards for that faithfulness. It is amazing how God will totally work your morning, day, or weeks to show you what you need to do.

My inspiration verse:  Psalm 5:11-12 (NIV)

11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
    let them ever sing for joy.
Spread your protection over them,
    that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

12 Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;
    you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

Sending All My Love!
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An Inspirational Run

As I do many times while running, I was thinking about a blog that I’m going to write. Today was going to be all about my journey recently and how today marked the day that I am starting my running journey again. I will get to that in a minute but I first have to talk about what happened at mile 1 today. I was in the midst of thinking about how would say yet again I will never run a marathon when my cardinal friend visited me out of no where and stronger came on at the same time, by Mandisa.

So let me tell you a little about my cardinal friend. He and his family started to visit our home shortly after mom passed and I knew she was with me. He has made an appearance several times when I’ve needed it. The last day we were moving out of our house, just 2 days ago. I let him know that he would need to come see us at the new house now. Every time I see him or smell the lilacs- I saw hi mom as I know she is with me.

So today, I’m thinking about how it’s been a month since I ran 3 miles and probably a month before that since running 4. I’ve ran a mile here and there but not well. We have been focusing so much on moving and cleaning and making the house perfect for the graduation party that I let everything go. (so glad for my Plexus supplements and business to help fill in the blanks during this time)

But I’ve been looking to the runs that I have or want to sign up for soon. I have a 10k at the end of next month. I’ve never ran that far before and I really want to sign up for a 15k in Sept- it’s at Jesse James days!!! So that means I need to get my focus back on. Then I was thinking about how my marathon runner friend said to me at the last race we both did, that I just need to focus myself on the distance not how far I run but how far I go. It is okay to walk just get yourself to the distance you want to go, the speed will come.

At that moment I was like I will never run a marathon, I do not want to run 26 miles ever. That will take me forever and it is just not for me. Seriously that was the very moment the cardinal came, I recognized the markings to know it was my friend. I thought to myself my angel is here cheering me on and stronger started playing and I’m like oh wow God is really trying to talk to me right now and tell me that I’m being made stronger. That whole song was my best run during the 3 miles that I ran.

That inspiration was amazing. The next 3 songs that I heard was about doing too much and rushing through life, which is partly why I haven’t blogged in a while so I will take heed and rest a bit more.

Ephesians 6: 10-11
10 Finally, let the Lord make you strong. Depend on his mighty power. 
11 Put on all of God’s armor. Then you can stand firm against the devil’s evil plans.
Sending All My Love!
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