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I started Yoga back up and wow did that feel good. Not just because it was an awesome instructor. It was because I needed it. I didn’t realize how much so until the moment that I got in my car. It’s probably been a year since I last had a yoga session. I stepped into the class, thinking okay, I know I won’t be able to do everything but I know I can do this. I told myself from the beginning, it is okay if I have to go to child’s pose. The second time I was in child’s pose, the negativity tried to creep in and say look at you back on the floor again- you can’t do this what are you thinking. But then I told it sorry, I’m here for my health, I’m ready to build myself back to where I was. Some poses took more out of me and I didn’t always feel like I was getting the deep breathing in but oh my gosh, when I got into my car, did I feel good. I was happy, energetic, relaxed, and I realized that I was holding onto more stress than I knew. Sure I knew I’ve been really stressed lately but I thought that I had been letting it go. I did not realize until that moment that my body was hanging on and wow did it feel good to truly let it go. I will be back there next week for another hour building my way back to true relaxation and strength. Tell me about your fitness journey and if you have let anything go. How did you feel when you came back to it? If you haven’t gone back, what’s stopping you. Let’s jump these hurdles in life together.

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