Amazing the kindness of strangers

I am in constant awe of the kindness of strangers. Hermione was so skinny and low on protein for being gone so long without food. The vet told us to add eggs and chicken to her diet. One neighbor that I still haven’t met in person dropped off all natural treats that she had for her dog of 11 years that passed away recently.

One of my husband’s co-workers, who had their own dog treat business, drove into work on one of his days that he didn’t have to, just to make sure to bring us 3 bags of his and his wife’s specialty treats. I have to tell you- my dogs would do flips for these treats. They have this all down to a science and the ingredients are amazing. But my dogs act like I am giving them food from the table (which we never do). These treats are packed with vitamins that help with recovery, which we all know that Hermione was/is needing this. So it’s been great seeing her grow. Click here if you want to get your own awesome treats!

I still have people reaching out to see how she is doing and that is truly amazing. So even though we tend to see all the bad in this world, there are so many good kind hearts that are truly amazing. Keep blessing others as you can. We can make a difference in this world.

Sending All My Love!
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